What the children say...

What the teachers say...

" I've been to the Zambezi

I've walked in the Elephants footprints,

played football with his dung.

I've seen the spotted hyena

And listened to the songs he sang.

I've watched the gallant fish eagle,

And heard his eirre cry.

Ive seen the enourmous crocodile,

And looked him in the eye.

I've watched the baboons and monkeys,

playing in the trees.

I often wish i could be like them,

Doing as I please.

I've seen plenty of impala

with their graceful bounds and leaps.

All this in our mind,

Will be memories for keeps.

I've seen a wanderer of the worlderness,

A summer of the river.

I have found a friend - silence,

And memories forever.

Poem by: Jamie Alexander

Eiffel Flats Primary School - 1992 "

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